Osprey Cove
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55+ Community With 110 Single Family Homes

Beach Houses for Sale
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Most of us have only dreamed of moving near the coast, but now Osprey Cove has made that possible. In the older years of your life, make the choice that will bring you closer to your aspirations! In this case, much closer. Osprey Cove’s 55+ community is just a hop, skip and a jump away from all of the excitement - where distant waves whisper, gulls gaggle and sand castles caress the sky. All of our upscale single family homes for sale are affordable and made possible for you. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t be able to purchase beach houses this close to the shore! Come by, pick out what you’d like from our brand-new, state-of-the-art homes and sit back with your feet in the sand.    

How Close is Close? - The Proximity of New Jersey Beaches to Osprey Cove

The short answer is just close enough - and just far away enough - to be the perfect choice to spend the second half of your life. With the bustle at a distance and the beach a short trip away, your home could be a snug refuge just right for you and your family.

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  • Ocean City, NJ (America’s Greatest Family Resort) is only approximately five minutes away.
  • Sea Isle City beaches are only five miles away.
  • Avalon beaches and boardwalks are approximately 15 minutes away.
  • Cape May is just 20 miles away.

The best that New Jersey has to offer is available to you, just a short stretch away. Let your life be relaxing, and take to the shore.   

Why Should You Move Near the Beach?

Not many ask this question because of how widespread the benefits are. Most people take yearly trips to the beach and discover for themselves how basking and taking time for themselves is truly rewarding.  

Positive Effects on Health
As early as the 18th century, doctors have been prescribing trips to the beach to their patients for multiple different reasons. The air by the ocean and the seaspray is perfect for breathing, whereas the saltwater itself is good for your sinuses, rhinopharynx, your skin and much more. It alleviates allergies while vitamin D from the sun seeps into your body and has positive influences. The sand scrubs your skin of dead skin cells, acting as a natural body shaper. 

Move from a stressful life to a slower pace. The ocean’s rhythm of receding waters and wistful waves is a calming and relaxing spell to let yourself fall under. Take life peacefully by reveling in your own personal paradise.

Shoveling snow is an exhausting task, and for those in their seasoned years, it is not a welcome venture. Avoid those layers of clothing and costly heating bills by moving near the warmer weather. 

Nature Lovers
Ever cross a crab on your walk? Usually squirrels are the everyday, but in New Jersey, you can encounter all kinds of different marine life and nature you may not expect to see. Humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins frequent the Jersey Shore waters along the Atlantic coast, and whalewatching tour guides can take you to the best spots in the Cape May area. Among other favorites are black skimmer snowbirds that winter in Mexico and lay their “clutch” throughout the summer.

Also, the infamous Horseshoe crab lives and breeds largely in the Delaware Bay. These prehistoric crabs are thought to be 400 million years old (two times older than any dinosaur to roam the earth)! Finding one of these unique creatures is a treasure in and of itself.



The Osprey
Ospreys are also known as “fish hawks,” and are members of the raptor family that live along the Pacific coast from Alaska to California and the Atlantic coast from Labrador to Florida. With a wingspan of up to 63 inches, the females are usually larger than the males. As they age, their eye color changes from red to orange, and then to yellow in their maturity. While they were once endangered, their species is bouncing back with new vitality. Osprey Cove is named after this beautiful bird and serves to be your own, comfy nest.

Affordable Beach Real Estate Now Within Reach

Osprey Cove is a dream come true for anyone 55 and older. We welcome you to our slice of paradise, with a beautiful clubhouse, recreational activities, pool, patio, dog path and scenic walking area. No longer “too good to be true,” beachside living near Ocean City and Sea Isle City, NJ, is something you can now open the door to. Contact us to get started on making your dream a reality today!

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